Are you looking for a used van to purchase for your family or business? Vans offer many advantages that other vehicles simply cannot. With their passenger space, large storage capacity, and easily accessible interiors, you can see why used vans are a favorable choice over used cars. Joe’s Auto Sales in Indianapolis carries more than minivans in our inventory of used vehicles. Keep reading to learn more about the quality, low mileage vans at Joe’s.

3 Types of Vans We Sell at Joe's Auto

1. Minivans

Minivans are, of course, a very popular option for families with children. They are especially advantageous for families with young children, offering plenty of space for passengers as well as car seats, diaper bags, and backpacks. As your family gets older, you’ll then have room for items like duffle bags, sports equipment, musical instruments, and so much more.  

2. Full-Size Vans

Quite often, we do have the occasional full-size van in our used vehicle inventory. These passenger vans offer even more room for people and space for storage, compared to a minivan. They can fit anywhere from eight  to 15 people, depending on the type of full-size van you’re looking for. You can also temporarily remove seats if you have fewer passengers but need to haul more cargo. The possibilities are truly endless with a full-size van.

3. Cargo Vans

Many small business owners need a dependable, well-maintained cargo van to deliver goods to their customers. Delivery services, florists, caterers, plumbers, electricians, masons, and many, many more industries use these types of vans on a daily basis. As a work van, they help keep tools, equipment, and your customers’ deliveries safe and secure. Purchasing a used, high-quality cargo van can help you grow your business and save you money too.

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