4 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Improving your credit score is possible with both hard work and commitment. While it won’t happen overnight, using a strategic approach can consistently raise your credit score and improve your credit opportunities. The team at Joe’s Auto Sales recommends following these four steps to improve your overall credit score.1. Make Payments on TimeOne of the first steps you should take is to begin paying all of your credit and monthly bills on time. Payment history influences credit scores negatively with missed or late payments, or positively with consistent payments made on time. Try not to miss a payment by more than 29 days, as bills that are 30 days late may show up on your credit history.2. Get Current on Past-Due AccountsAnother way to improve your credit score is to work on bringing all your past-due accounts current. Not only can this boost your credit score, but it can keep … Continued

Are Used Minivans Only for Families?

Minivans have famously been known as the vehicle of choice for families with children. In recent years, the minivan’s reputation as a family vehicle has slowly been evolving to accommodate the needs of several other individuals and groups. At Joe’s Auto Sales, we want you to know that minivans are valuable vehicles for families as well as individuals, groups, and organizations, like the ones listed below. Traveling SnowbirdsIn recent years, snowbirds have been opting for minivans as they make their long annual trek down south for the winter. Many of them prefer the space and storage a minivan has to offer. If there are only two people traveling, they can take out the back seats or fold them down to make room for extra cargo space. When traveling with friends or family, the sliding doors make it easy for passengers to get in and out. These vehicles are perfect for those … Continued

Check These 5 Areas Before Buying a Used SUV

When purchasing a used SUV, you want to be sure you’re getting a quality vehicle that’s in good condition. While it’s difficult to spot every blemish or damaged part, there are certain areas you should check before signing on the dotted line. The team at Joe’s Auto Sales recommends reviewing these five areas of your potentially new-to-you SUV.1. Rusted BodyRust spots are typically easy but it’s always good to do a thorough check. Even a tiny bit of rust can eventually turn into a major eyesore. Walk around the vehicle, taking care to look underneath or behind hard-to-reach areas. You may be able to fix small patches of rust, but if there’s an area that needs professional attention, you may want to move on. 2. Damaged FrameProblems with the frame can be difficult to see unless you know what to look for. Check that the car is level while parked and … Continued

What You Need to Know About Riding a Motorcycle in the Winter

If you’re a motorcycle rider, you may already know this, but it is possible to ride your bike during cold winter weather. By preparing your bike and yourself for the icy temps, you can enjoy riding the roads all year round. At Joe’s Auto Sales, we recommend following these tips to make sure you stay warm, dry, and safe while riding this winter season.

4 Items Lenders Consider When Approving Bad Credit Auto Loans

When applying for a loan at your local bank or financing company, it’s good to understand exactly what it is that lenders look for when approving auto loans. This is especially important for those who have bad credit. At Joe’s Auto Sales, we gladly work with individuals with not-so-stellar credit. In fact, it’s our specialty! Below is a list of four items that lenders consider when approving bad credit auto loans. 

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are powerful vehicles that can haul and tow almost anything. They’re known for their off-road capabilities but can be difficult to maneuver and use much more gas than other vehicles. If you’re considering buying a used truck from Joe’s Auto Sales, review the pros and cons of used pickup trucks below. 

Get Your Car Ready for Winter with These 5 Tips

Winter driving can make everyone a bit nervous from time to time. Even if you’ve been driving on snow-filled roads for years, it’s always good to be well-prepared. At Joe’s Auto Sales, we want you to be safe on these sometimes crazy winter roads and ready for that surprising storm that comes through while you’re traveling. Follow these five winter driving tips as you get your car ready for winter travel.

5 Things to Consider When Buying an SUV

If you’re on the lookout for a used SUV, there are many different options available. From the number of seats to the many entertainment features to the amount of storage, it can be overwhelming to decide which SUV is right for you. At Joe’s Auto Sales, we recommend considering these five factors when shopping for a used SUV.

3 Benefits of Owning a Minivan

Minivans have always been known as family vehicles. They can seat up to seven or eight people and have plenty of storage space. Some individuals also like to own minivans for their adaptability. They can easily take out or fold-down seats to haul furniture, moving boxes, and other equipment. At Joe’s Auto Sales, we sell minivans to many people, such as growing families, couples who enjoy traveling, and business owners. If you’re considering the purchase of a minivan, check out three benefits of owning these spacious and flexible vehicles.

3 Beginner Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

If you’re thinking about getting a motorcycle, you’re likely excited but also have a few questions at the same time. You may be wondering if driving a motorcycle is different from driving a car, or if it’s necessary to take a motorcycle driving course before purchasing a bike. Yes, driving a motorcycle is a learning experience, and while it’s not required, it is recommended that you take a motorcycle safety course before hopping on your new-to-you bike. Joe’s Auto Sales would also like to share a few more tips that we’ve found helpful for new motorcyclists.