A regular oil change is vital for a vehicle’s longevity. However, many drivers don’t understand the importance of changing the oil regularly. What goes into changing the oil? Why are there mileage and time limits on the current oil in your vehicle? These are all questions we get from drivers who bring their vehicles in for service. So, the team here at Joe’s Auto Sales hopes this blog will help you understand why your vehicles require regular oil changes.

Why Vehicles Require Regular Oil Changes

1. Engine Lubrication

Oil is a vital element in your car because it lubricates all the moving parts in your car’s engine. The engine’s parts need to work in sync to keep the vehicle running. Without oil, all the engine components rub together, creating friction, which could cause severe damage to the engine itself. Regular oil changes ensure that your engine oil remains fresh, prolonging the engine’s life.

2. Controlling Temperature

Your vehicle’s engine runs at high temperatures, and the oil plays a crucial role in keeping the engine cool as it circulates through the engine system. If the oil is old or dirty, the engine will run hotter, and the risk of damage to internal parts increases. Regular oil changes help ensure not only the oil’s quality but also the engine’s temperature control.

3. Fuel Economy

When the oil in an engine is old and dirty, it can affect the engine’s fuel economy. The engine has to work harder when it’s not well-lubricated, and this can lead to decreased fuel economy. Regular oil changes are a simple way to improve your car’s fuel economy, saving you money on gas in the long run.

4. Reducing Engine Wear

The engine components in your vehicle suffer wear and tear regardless of how clean or new the oil is. However, regular oil changes help to reduce this wear and keep the engine in its best shape. If the oil isn’t changed regularly, dirt and debris can build up in the engine, breaking down the system and causing critical issues. Regular oil changes ensure that the engine is not worn down and the vehicle runs smoothly.

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