Buy Your Dream Vehicle This Summer

It’s hard to believe, but summer is right around the corner.So why not treat yourself to finally buying your dream vehicle and hit the road? Here at Joe’s Auto Sales East, we make it all as easy as a warm summer breeze. Our vast selection of quality used vehicles, simple and accessible financing options, and commitment to customer satisfaction have helped us become the premier used-vehicle dealership in the Indianapolis area since 1992. Here’s a quick look at how we can help you finally buy the vehicle of your dreams just in time for summer.

Why Buy a Used Vehicle at Joe’s?

It’s the age-old debate: do you buy a new vehicle or a used one? Sure, a new car, truck, van, or motorcycle may be tempting, but consumers often benefit more in the long run from actually buying a used vehicle instead. Used vehicles, in addition to often being much more economical than new ones, offer better value and can be even more reliable. Here at Joe’s Auto Sales East, we know this first-hand. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying a used vehicle as opposed to a new one.

What Sets Joe’s Auto Sales East Apart

It seems like used car dealerships are a dime a dozen these days. Each one claims to have the best deals around and go the extra mile for its customers. But here at Joe’s Auto Sales East, we pride ourselves on actually doing things differently compared to what other used car dealerships are doing – and thriving doing just that. We truly believe that “Everyone rides at Joe’s” and make a point to always live up to our motto that helped us become Indianapolis’s leading used vehicle dealership since 1992. In addition, we make a point to offer the widest vehicle selection around and offer top-notch vehicle servicing nearby. Here’s just a quick yet detailed look at what sets us apart from other used car dealerships out there.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

These days, just about every used car dealership claims to be something special and go above and beyond the call of duty for its customers. But just how many of their claims can stack up to reality? Here at Joe’s Auto Sales, we pride ourselves on our ironclad commitment to our customers, something that’s helped us become the leading used vehicle dealership in the Indianapolis area since 1992. With our diverse inventory of quality used vehicles, affordable financing options, and top-notch servicing center, our commitment to customer service is unmatched. Here’s a quick look at how we always go above and beyond for our valued customers.

Splurge This Summer with a Used Motorcycle

At Joe’s Auto Sales East, we love summer. Not only does it mean grilling out with friends and swimming in the pool, but it is also the best time to get out and cruise the Indiana countryside. And what better way to enjoy the road and a lazy afternoon than on your very own motorcycle? If you have always envisioned yourself on a motorcycle, then now is a great time to buy. The open road is calling, and you should answer before the summer slips away.

Cruise Through Summer on a Used Motorcycle

Summer is finally here in Indiana, and we all want to spend as much time as we can outdoors. One great way to enjoy the summer sun while getting where you need to go is by motorcycle, and we have just what you need at Joe’s Auto Sales East of Indianapolis.

What to Look For in a Used Motorcycle

Are you in the market for a previously used motorcycle? Shopping for a motorcycle can be both fun and exciting. However, before you make a hasty decision, we at Joe’s Auto Sales East encourage you to take your time and find the right used motorcycle. The American Motorcyclists Association has many tips for buying a used motorcycle (so be sure to check out its full list), but here are a few of them we want to highlight. 1. Take time to do your research. You can find a lot of information out there about motorcycle makes and models. If you’re considering a specific used motorcycle, read articles about it, check out what other owners are saying about it online, or look up manufacturer information. Gather as much information as you can so you learn the nuances of that motorcycle and what to look for. 2. Pay attention to the VIN … Continued

Discover Used Motorcycles in Indianapolis

You’ve been considering the perks of a used motorcycle—the fuel efficiency, the open road, and the air rushing past you as you cruise the Indiana roads. Summer is a great time to buy a motorcycle in Indiana, because you can use it right away and can take advantage of longer days and longer rides.