It seems like used car dealerships are a dime a dozen these days. Each one claims to have the best deals around and go the extra mile for its customers. But here at Joe’s Auto Sales East, we pride ourselves on actually doing things differently compared to what other used car dealerships are doing – and thriving doing just that. We truly believe that “Everyone rides at Joe’s” and make a point to always live up to our motto that helped us become Indianapolis’s leading used vehicle dealership since 1992. In addition, we make a point to offer the widest vehicle selection around and offer top-notch vehicle servicing nearby. Here’s just a quick yet detailed look at what sets us apart from other used car dealerships out there.Used Car Dealership

Everyone Rides at Joe’s

Our motto “Everyone rides at Joe’s” isn’t just another gimmicky slogan to catch people’s attention. Instead, it’s been the cornerstone of our success since 1992. We offer simple, flexible buy here, pay here financing plans that make the dream of car ownership accessible to anyone. Our quick approval process makes it a breeze even for buyers with a bad credit history. Just simply have a look at our available inventory, complete an application, meet our dedicated team members, and drive away with your very own vehicle. It’s that easy!

Top-Notch Vehicle Servicing

Our nearby servicing center, Joe’s Service Department, is your one-stop-shop for literally all of your servicing needs. From tune-ups to wheel alignments and everything else in between, our professional staff of dedicated, experienced technicians is up to any task to get your car fixed quickly and at an affordable price.

Unmatched Vehicle Selection

Finally, we pride ourselves on our huge selection of quality used vehicles. From cars to SUVs and vans, trucks to motorcycles, our unrivaled selection offers the wide vehicle choice in the Indianapolis area.

Contact Us

With our affordable financing plans, top-notch service center, and wide selection of quality vehicles for sale, it’s no wonder why Joe’s Auto Sales East has been the leading used car dealership in the Indianapolis area since 1992. Be sure to contact us today at (317) 405-8545 to see what sets us apart and how we can make your dream of buying an affordable used vehicle a reality.