Are you in the market for a previously used motorcycle? Shopping for a motorcycle can be both fun and exciting. However, before you make a hasty decision, we at Joe’s Auto Sales East encourage you to take your time and find the right used motorcycle.

The American Motorcyclists Association has many tips for buying a used motorcycle (so be sure to check out its full list), but here are a few of them we want to highlight.

1. Take time to do your research.

You can find a lot of information out there about motorcycle makes and models. If you’re considering a specific used motorcycle, read articles about it, check out what other owners are saying about it online, or look up manufacturer information. Gather as much information as you can so you learn the nuances of that motorcycle and what to look for.

2. Pay attention to the VIN numbers.

First, you want to check the VIN number through your insurance company. See what they can find out about the used motorcycle and get a real rate quote. Secondly, compare the VIN number on the frame to that on the engine and the title. If you notice the VIN numbers vary, ask the used car dealership or private party seller for a reason, and if it seems shady at all, walk away.

3. Do multiple visual inspections.

A quick glance-over is not enough to do a thorough vehicle inspection. Take time to look at the used motorcycle for both cosmetic and mechanical concerns. Look for parts that look rusty, cracked, and so on. Don’t let the seller rush you through this step.

4. Take a test drive—or at least start the engine.

If the used car dealership allows motorcycle test drives, then consider taking that option or at least starting up the engine. Listen and look for anything that doesn’t seem right—an engine that’s not running smoothly, abnormal exhaust fumes, smoke, etc. These issues are unknown without starting the engine or getting the used motorcycle out on the road.

Use these tips when purchasing a used motorcycle from Joe’s Auto Sales East or any other used car dealership or private seller. At Joe’s, we want you to feel confident in your used vehicle purchase, and we will work with you to get all your questions answered. To ask about our used motorcycles or financing options, contact us today at (317) 405-8545.