There’s nothing more worrisome than driving down the road and your vehicle starts to make a funny noise. But you get home and check under the hood to find nothing obvious or unusual. However, that doesn’t mean everything is fine. Here are four of the most common vehicle issues people hear before they make a service appointment with Joe’s Auto Sales.

What's that Noise? 4 Common Vehicle Issues

1. Worn Brakes

Have you noticed a screeching sound when you apply the brakes? This is a sign that the brake pads are worn out, and it is time to replace them. Ignoring this sound can lead to dangerous situations, such as brake failure, resulting in a potential car accident. So, let’s get those brake pads changed right away.

2. Loose Belt

A rasping or squealing sound that resonates from the front of your engine is an indication of a loose belt. Many cars have belts coordinating various engine components, including power steering, cooling, and alternator. A loose belt can interfere with the way these systems function. Therefore, whenever you hear such sounds, it’s time for service.

3. Faulty Wheel Bearings

Are you hearing a droning or rumbling sound that increases when you drive faster and then diminishes when you slow down? This is an indication of faulty wheel bearings. Wheel bearings are responsible for reducing friction between the wheel and the axle. Faulty or damaged bearings cause unusual noises and can lead to accidents if you don’t check them.

4. Malfunctioned Suspension

A clunking or thumping sound when you hit a bump indicates a malfunctioning suspension. The suspension system comprises several components that work together to ensure a comfortable ride and stability. The system’s components may become loose over time, leading to a bumpy ride, poor stability, and unusual noises. It’s best to look at them before anything else goes wrong.

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