It’s that time of year to get your motorcycle out of storage and get it ready to ride in the warm summer weather. While driving your bike, you may want to watch for some of these common motorcycle problems. Some of them are caused by being in storage over the winter. Others are caused due to regular wear and tear. At Joe’s Auto Sales, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these four common motorcycle issues.

4 Common Motorcycle Repair Issues

1. Fuel Problems

If you don’t drive your motorcycle often or if it’s been in storage, the fuel has a tendency to go bad. If you drive with bad fuel, it can damage the engine, causing further and more expensive issues. Ask any of our mechanics how to prevent this from happening, especially if you drive your bike less than 25 miles a week.

2. Drained Batteries

The same thing can happen to your battery if you rarely drive your motorcycle. The battery will drain and you’ll have to charge it before setting out on your afternoon ride. There are two ways to prevent this from happening. First, you can ride your motorcycle more often to keep the battery charged. Second, you can charge your battery at home. You’ll want to be sure not to overcharge it though. A battery minder and charger can safely power your motorcycle without overcharging it.

3. Brake Problems

When you notice the brakes taking longer than usual to engage, it may be time to schedule a brake inspection. Our mechanics will thoroughly review the entire braking system, including the brake pads, to determine the exact problem and the best course of action.

4. Loose Drive Chain

Drive chains require regular cleaning and lubrication. They can become loose if not maintained properly, causing them to snap if you end up in an accident. The best way to prevent this is to have them routinely tightened and lubricated. Ask our mechanics how often this needs to be done and they can set up a regular maintenance program to keep your motorcycle in the best shape possible.

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