If you’re thinking about getting a motorcycle, you’re likely excited but also have a few questions at the same time. You may be wondering if driving a motorcycle is different from driving a car, or if it’s necessary to take a motorcycle driving course before purchasing a bike. Yes, driving a motorcycle is a learning experience, and while it’s not required, it is recommended that you take a motorcycle safety course before hopping on your new-to-you bike. Joe’s Auto Sales would also like to share a few more tips that we’ve found helpful for new motorcyclists.

3 Beginner Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

1. Press Heels In

When you place your feet on the pegs of your motorcycle, you should notice a metal plate on each side that separates your foot from the inside of the bike. These plates are there to keep you steady while riding your motorcycle. When you press your heels in, this automatically helps you feel more stable and in control while driving.

2. Find the Best Position

The best position for your body when driving a motorcycle is to keep your body loose on top and tight on the bottom. Gripping the tank with your legs and pressing into the bike with your ankles will help you maintain a steady balance, especially while riding over rough or bumpy terrain. On the other hand, remaining loose from your waist up allows you to maintain control and maneuver or turn the bike quickly when necessary.

3. Accelerate through a Turn

This advice appears to be contradictory to how we’re taught to drive a car. However, because a motorcycle drives differently, it really is the best way to avoid any accidents while turning a corner. If you end up hitting the brakes while in the middle of a turn, the bike will straighten right up and keep going in a straight line rather than turning with the curve. Accelerating through the turn will keep you and the motorcycle safely on the road.

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