Are you looking to purchase a new truck in the near future? Have you considered buying a used truck rather than a brand new one? There are several benefits to buying a used truck and, at Joe’s Auto Sales, we have a wide selection of pickup trucks for you to look through. Before you settle on purchasing a new truck, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of buying a used one instead.

Why Should I Buy a Used Truck?

Lower Prices

Buying a vehicle can be a big hit to your budget. Choosing a used truck over a new one allows you to purchase that truck you’ve always wanted while not depleting your bank account. You can easily get a used truck that’s only a few years old for thousands of dollars less than a new one. Loan interest rates and insurance rates are typically cheaper as well, so you’ll be saving money on those items too.

Features & Upgrades

Many used vehicles that are a couple of years older than their brand new models have quite a few of the same features as their new counterparts. Innovative technology like GPS navigation systems and Bluetooth connections, and amenities like heated seats and dual-zone climate control, are available on many used models. 

Less Depreciation

A used truck is a smart investment. All vehicles depreciate over time but new ones depreciate at a much faster rate. As soon as you drive that new vehicle off the lot, the value immediately drops. By the end of the first year of ownership, that new truck has lost 20% of its value! When you purchase a used truck, it will depreciate but at a much slower rate than a new one. Not only will you save on your monthly payments, but you’ll also see a considerably smaller loss in the value of your truck.

Everybody Rides at Joe’s!

Contact us today at our East Indianapolis location by calling (317) 405-8545 to learn more about our used truck inventory. We are more than happy to help you find a truck that fits your budget and your lifestyle. Joe’s gladly serves the East Indianapolis area including Avon, Danville, Speedway, Plainfield, Clermont, and the surrounding areas with our used car, used van, and used SUV inventory.

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