While you’ve probably heard about buy-here, pay-here auto loans, you may not know exactly how they work. Maybe you’re familiar with how they work, but you’re not sure if they’re a sound financial decision. Let the professionals at Joe’s Auto Sales help! We’ll explain what a buy-here, pay-here auto loan is, and how it can help you rebuild your credit.

What Is a Buy-Here, Pay-Here Auto Loan?

Car Dealer = Finance Company

When you get a buy-here, pay-here loan, also known as a bad credit car loan, you are arranging an auto loan through the car dealership, which serves as the finance company. This is helpful because you don’t have to get a pre-approved loan from a separate finance company or bank. Financing isn’t guaranteed but typically, if you have an address and a steady income, you’ll most likely be approved.

Quick and Easy Approval

The approval process at Joe’s is quick and easy. Other lenders in the Indianapolis area can take hours or even days to process a credit application. At Joe’s, you’ll know within minutes whether or not you qualify for one of our vehicles. You can also complete the application online, making the process even more convenient for you.

Payment Program

With our buy-here, pay-here loan payment program, we give you the option of weekly, biweekly, or monthly payment plans. You can also make payments a multitude of ways, such as online, in person, by mail, or even over the phone. We do our best to help determine a monthly payment plan that fits within your budget.

Rebuild Your Credit with Joe’s

A bad credit auto loan from Joe’s can be an integral part of rebuilding your low credit score. Call either of our Indianapolis locations to begin the application process: East Location (317) 405-8545 or South Location (317) 756-9180. Once approved, choose either a used car, used truck, used van, or used SUV. We’re happy to help!