Football season is here which means it’s time to partake in the classic American tradition of tailgating! While you should be sure to stock up on food and drinks, it is also important to have the right vehicle for an optimal party-before-the-game experience. The used car experts at Joe’s Auto Sales compiled this list of great tailgating vehicles that fit a wide range of budgets and tastes so that you can easily find the right one for you. 

Best Tailgating Vehicles

1. 2003-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser

This great SUV has a split rear hatch which allows you to sit on the tailgate or use it to hold supplies. It also has excellent cargo capacity and seats up to 7 so that you can bring all of your friends to the big game. The Land Cruiser is built-to-last with a powertrain that is unlike any other used SUV so that you can tailgate with this ride for many football seasons to come. 

2. 2015 Ford F-150

This used truck is a tailgater’s dream with a large bed perfect for transporting supplies or lounging before the game. A unique step on the side of the truck and the retractable tailgate step both provide easy access to the bed. It also comes in a variety of powertrains and body styles and with a long list of optional accessories.

3. 2015 Dodge Durango

The Durango is a perfect vehicle for a whole family of tailgaters. It has standard 3rd-row seating and plenty of cargo capacity which is necessary when packing enough food, drinks, and supplies for your tailgate party. 

4. 2006-2014 Honda Ridgeline

You don’t need a pickup truck to be a serious tailgater. The Honda Ridgeline has a locking in-bed trunk that doesn’t leak, which means you can store ice in it and use the truck as a cooler. There’s also a large interior so that you can transport yourself and your friends to the game comfortably. 

When you’re ready to find a great used vehicle for this year’s tailgating season, come on down to our lot at Joe’s Auto Sales. We have a solid selection of used cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, and SUVs. We can help you stay within your budget, talk about your in-house financing options, and help you find just the right car. To find out more, contact us anytime at (317) 405-8545 (East location) or (317) 756-9180 (South location).