Agreeing to a used car sale, sight unseen, can be a risky decision. While a vehicle may look good from pictures online or even in person, the test drive is what’s going to be most telling about the condition of used cars. Joe’s Auto Sales East of Indianapolis is a used car dealership that invites its customers to take a thorough test drive of its used trucks and other cars. Here are a few things to consider before test driving used cars.

Don’t rush the test drive.

Kelley’s Blue Book notes “Most people take only a few minutes to test drive a car; this is a big mistake that often comes back to haunt them. Before driving, spend as much time as you can inside the car.” Ask the used car dealer how long you may take the vehicle out on the road, and then use the full amount of time.

Take time to inspect the vehicle interior.

Some used car customers choose to pull over in a public parking lot, taking some time to take a thorough look at the car. Be sure to check the seats’ comfort and make sure they’re a good fit for your body build. Test all the dashboard lights and other functions, making sure everything is working properly. Bring a CD or your iPod to check the stereo and speakers.

Pay attention to the engine, brakes, and steering while driving.

If the car engine taps, ticks, or squeals, be sure to bring it up to the car dealer. You will also want to make sure the brakes are functioning properly, without sticking or pulsing unnaturally. While on the road, you also want to make sure the steering wheel isn’t difficult to turn and that the car does not pull to the right or the left. If you have any concerns while test driving, be sure to bring those issues up to the Indiana car dealer. You may be able to use that information to negotiate pricing, or you may decide to keep looking for other used cars. For fair, affordable, and reliable used cars in Indianapolis, contact Joe’s Auto Sales East at 317-405-8545, or come take a test drive!