You’ve decided it’s time to buy a pick-up truck. Maybe you’ve owned one in the past and enjoy the added benefits that a roomy cargo bed can provide. Maybe you’ve never owned a truck and would like to discover the advantages a truck has to offer. Either way, you know you’re ready to take the next step and finally become a truck owner. The question remains: do you buy a used truck or a new truck? Joe’s Auto Sales knows there are advantages to both, but there may be more valuable benefits to purchasing a used truck over a new one.

Pick-Up Trucks: Should I Buy Used or New?

Lower Price Tag

When you buy any used vehicle, you will always pay less than if you were buying new. It’s not only the actual cost of the truck that’s less expensive. Add-ons, down payments, dealership fees, and annual vehicle registrations are just a few of the examples of the additional expenses that are expected when purchasing a brand new truck.

Less Depreciation

The moment you drive that new pick-up truck off the sales lot, it has lost thousands of dollars in value. This could mean bad news for your financial situation if something disastrous happened to your new vehicle. You may end up paying on a loan for a truck you can no longer drive. New vehicles are expected to lose up to 30% of their value within the first two years of ownership. Used trucks decrease in value as well, but at a much slower rate than new trucks.

Top-Notch Condition

Buying a used truck should not mean that you have to give up the idea of owning a well-running, dent-free vehicle. Many used car dealerships, like Joe’s, have service and maintenance centers. We know that investing both time and labor into a used vehicle, before adding it to the sales lot, will offer our customers a pre-owned vehicle that is in top-notch condition.

The team at Joe’s Auto Sales is happy to help you find a used truck that will be perfect for you and your lifestyle. Contact us today at (317) 405-8545 (East Location) or (317) 756-9180 (South Location) for more information. We also sell used cars, used motorcycles, and used vans and SUVs, in the Indianapolis area.