When purchasing a used SUV, you want to be sure you’re getting a quality vehicle that’s in good condition. While it’s difficult to spot every blemish or damaged part, there are certain areas you should check before signing on the dotted line. The team at Joe’s Auto Sales recommends reviewing these five areas of your potentially new-to-you SUV.

Check These 5 Areas Before Buying a Used SUV

1. Rusted Body

Rust spots are typically easy but it’s always good to do a thorough check. Even a tiny bit of rust can eventually turn into a major eyesore. Walk around the vehicle, taking care to look underneath or behind hard-to-reach areas. You may be able to fix small patches of rust, but if there’s an area that needs professional attention, you may want to move on. 

2. Damaged Frame

Problems with the frame can be difficult to see unless you know what to look for. Check that the car is level while parked and that nothing is hanging under the vehicle. Be on the lookout for warping in the bumpers, as this could be a sign the car was recently in an accident.

3. Tire Treads

If the wheels are aligned correctly, each tire should have an even amount of worn tread. If you spot uneven tread or extra wear on one or two tires, this is an indication there’s a problem with the suspension, frame, or steering. Test drive the SUV and if it pulls to the right or left it may be poorly aligned.

4. Engine Condition

Take a few moments to pop the hood and examine the condition of the engine. Look for corrosion, cracked hoses, or torn belts. Check for fluid leaks by looking under the engine for dark spots or stains on the pavement. Be sure to examine fluids like oil and transmission. Oil should be light brown in color and transmission fluid should be red or pink.

5. Electronics & Technology Features

Many newer SUVs have modern electronics and state-of-the-art technological features like Bluetooth capabilities, GPS, and driving position memory systems. With the car turned on, press buttons and turn on features to be sure they’re working. Check the air conditioning and heat functions, too.

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