Used Car For SaleOften, your car gives you warning signs that it’s on the way out—the sputtering, the engine randomly not wanting to start, or even the struggle to shift gears. However, despite these signs that a new car may be in your future, most of us aren’t able to set aside tons of cash in order to purchase a new vehicle. So what do you do when your car finally calls it quits? Consider these tips from Joe’s Auto Sales East, Indianapolis’s premier used car dealership.

1. Set a budget.

The best way to spend too much money on a new vehicle is to fail to set a budget in the first place. Therefore, take some time to consider what you can afford. Look at your monthly income, your savings, and other regular expenses. You may decide to wrangle up enough cash to buy whatever gets you from point A to point B, or you may decide to finance a portion of your car. Just remember that if you decide to finance, make sure you can afford the monthly payments.

2. Make a list of priorities.

After you determine your budget, decide what your needs must be. Remember, needs must be the basics. “Wants” are the extras that are nice but you can live without them if you really have to. Then, rank what’s most important to you in buying a new car.

3. Buy used.

It’s no secret that new cars depreciate in value the moment you drive them off the lot. Your best bet when you have limited funds is to purchase a used car instead of buying new or deciding to lease. You’ll save money just because the car has seen some action. When you’re ready to find a new-to-you vehicle, come on down to our lot at Joe’s Auto Sales East. We have a solid selection of used cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, and SUVs. We can help you stay within your budget, talk about your in-house financing options, and help you find just the right car. To find out more, contact us anytime at (317) 405-8545.   photo credit: Used Car For Sale via flickr license