When buying a vehicle from a dealership such as Joe’s Auto Sales, it’s helpful to be prepared with the proper documentation. Not only can this make the process much smoother, but you will also be driving off the lot with your newly purchased car much sooner. Have these documents on-hand if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

Bring These Documents When Buying Your Next Car

1. Driver’s License

Be sure to bring in your driver’s license when finalizing the purchase of your new vehicle. Not only does it prove you’re a legally registered driver, but it also serves as personal identification as the car’s buyer.

2. Proof of Income

When financing a vehicle you need to show the bank, finance company, or dealership that you have a consistent, steady income. A bank statement or pay stub will work just fine for this necessary documentation.

3. Proof of Residence

Your residential address needs to be verified before you buy a vehicle. The dealership needs to confirm the correct address for any paperwork that may need to be mailed to you regarding the vehicle. A variety of documents will work, such as a recent utility bill or any other type of household bill. If you bring a bank statement for proof of income, this can also suffice as proof of your residence.

4. Proof of Insurance

Before buying your vehicle, you must have auto insurance. You cannot drive your car off the lot until it’s legally insured. While it is possible to call your insurance agent from the dealership to add the vehicle to your current policy, you can set up the insurance coverage before you arrive at the dealership in order to expedite the entire process.

5. Trade-In Title and Registration

If you’re trading in a vehicle, you need to bring both the registration and the title of that vehicle with you to the dealership. The salesperson will need both of these documents in order to accept your vehicle as a trade-in and so they can legally sell it on their lot as well.

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