Are you considering the purchase of an SUV? While these vehicles have superb handling, offer several amenities, and can easily drive over rough ground, there are a few questions to ask before buying one. At Joe’s Auto Sales, we want you to make the best vehicle purchase decision for you and your family. Ask yourself these questions when choosing whether or not to make your next vehicle an SUV.

4 Questions to Ask When Considering an SUV

1. Will You Be Doing Any Off-Road Driving?

If you like to drive off-road for occasions like camping or hunting, a used SUV is a great option to consider. Not only will an SUV handle the natural terrain well, but there’s also plenty of room for equipment and supplies. Store tents, food and drinks, camping or hunting gear, and several other items in the large, spacious trunk.

2. Is Fuel Economy a Priority?

If a fuel-efficient vehicle is a priority to you, then you may want to consider a smaller SUV or even a different type of vehicle altogether. A smaller SUV, like a Ford Escape or Honda Acura, has better gas mileage but still has an engine that packs a powerful punch.

3. Do You Have a Large Family?

A used SUV is the ideal solution for a large family with several children. There’s a lot of space for passengers to sit comfortably, as well as plenty of room for shopping bags, sports gear, and other items. 

4. Do You Want a Reliable Vehicle During Bad Weather?

While Indy doesn’t have consistently severe snowstorms like our northern neighbors, we still do get hit with a blizzard every once in a while. With their AWD systems, used SUVs can certainly handle any extreme driving weather.

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