At Joe’s Auto Sales, we sell a wide variety of vehicles, including affordably used pickup trucks. What you may not know is that we often have several types of trucks in our inventory, such as full-size, delivery, and heavy-duty trucks. The next time you’re looking for one of these vehicles, visit our used car sales lot in Indianapolis. Not only will you save money over purchasing a new truck, but you can also apply for a buy-here-pay-here auto loan if you’re currently trying to build your credit. 

3 Types of Trucks We Sell at Joe's

1. Delivery Trucks

While they may be very nice, new delivery trucks are not typically affordable. They cost tens of thousands of dollars, whereas a used delivery truck can often be found for under $10,000. If you’re looking for an affordable, yet high-quality, delivery truck to start a delivery business or to add to your current delivery truck inventory, look no further than Joe’s. 

2. Full-Size Pickups

Have you dreamed of owning a full-size pickup but don’t have the financing or credit available to do so? Just like new delivery trucks, full-size pickups can be terribly expensive. Plus, if you’re actively trying to rebuild your credit, purchasing a new full-size truck is not always an option. At Joe’s, we almost always have full-size trucks available. Check out our online inventory often to view our current truck listings.

3. Heavy Duty Trucks

For those who wish to break into the trucking business, purchasing a brand new heavy-duty truck can be a major burden on their business finances. Instead, consider purchasing a used one from Joe’s. With all of the other expenses involved with starting your own trucking business, wouldn’t it be nice to save some money on a used heavy-duty truck? You can save on your business budget while building your credit at the same time with our bad credit auto loans.

View Our Inventory Today

Check our online inventory for our truck listings or contact us today at (317) 405-8545 (East Location) or (317) 756-9180 (South Location). We also sell gently used cars, vans, SUVs, and motorcycles