If you want to keep your used truck running properly, it’s important to follow a maintenance routine. Regular maintenance keeps your truck in great shape, catches minor damage before it turns into a major repair, and helps you get many years out of your investment. In addition to having your truck inspected annually by your mechanic, Joe’s Auto Sales recommends following these three steps to keep a well-maintained used truck.

3 Steps to Maintaining Your Used Truck

1. Change the Oil & Filter

Oil changes are essential if you want to avoid a host of problems with your truck’s engine. The primary role of oil is to lubricate and protect the engine. As oil runs through your truck’s engine, it picks up dirt and debris that could interfere with and prevent your engine from working in optimal condition. The oil is then filtered through the oil filter to remove any impurities. Changing the oil and filter regularly gives your used truck the clean oil it needs to protect the engine.

2. Check & Refill Fluid Levels

Along with checking and refilling your used truck with oil, there are several other fluids that should also be inspected. Engine coolant helps maintain the engine’s temperature, preventing it from overheating, and power steering fluid allows the steering wheel to move freely while preserving the power-steering system. Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that supports the braking system by lubricating all components and protecting against rust or corrosion. Windshield washer fluid should be checked, too. Discovering you’re out of washer fluid while driving in the middle of nasty weather can greatly hinder your view of the road.  

3. Rotate the Tires

Another important part of maintaining your used truck is rotating the tires. Tire rotations ensure that the tread on all four of your tires wears down evenly. This process keeps the suspension system working properly by reducing vibrations along with any negative effects they may have on your truck. Rotating your tires also helps them last longer and improves your gas mileage.

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